Sportsbet Bookmaker Review

Sportsbet is one of the largest and popular bookmakers in Australia. They have very impressive promotions and greater international betting platform. Though the mobile betting app has a unique selling point, the bookmaker lacks the updated feeling common with other competitors. After acquisition by the Irish multinational, Paddy Power that has redefined most of its features, operations, odds, and mobile app, Sportsbet has become very competitive.


The company began as a very small bookmaker in Darwin and went through a rapid transformation process in 2005 when online wagering became very popular. In 2009, it was acquired by Paddy Power, a competing giant that aggressively expanded its market to Australia. Today, Sportsbet has more than 30 varying sports market as well as some novelties like politics, music, financials, and current affairs. While the market is no doubt among the largest, Sportsbet has out extra focus on racing.

Read the review to know whether it is the best bookmaker for you.

The racing products at Sportsbet

Because Horseracing is the main sport at Sportsbet, it is broken into some products to enhance diversity. Here is a summary of these racing products. You can get a full review of the products at the Sportsbet product.

  • Trebles: Players who pick 3 consecutive races get dividends.
  • Tope Tote Plus: When a wager wins, the pay-outs are dependent on the bet’s commencing price.
  • The Sportsbet multi-feature: This is a unique addition that allows a combination of place, wins, and each-way bets.
  • Double: In the double, the winner is selected from two major events in a single meeting.
  • Lucky loser: The wager is supposed to pick a horse and run without being placed using designated race card.
  • First four: This is an opportunity to win by selecting the first 4 finishers. You can select standouts or directly Box First Four.
  • Super-6 great: This is when the pager selects a winner in six consecutive games.
  • Flexibet: This involves determining a fixed stake on exotic dividends.

Sportsbet online bookmaking and layout

Since Paddy Power acquired Sportsbet, online betting on the bookmaker has remained a unique thrill. The look and feeling are much like the Paddy Powers European site. Whether you are new or veteran players, you will easily get the thrill of this famous bookmaker.

One issue that is evident with the website is that it returns some errors when opened in Google Chrome. This has been a serious problem because Chrome is among the most advanced browsers and most people prefer it because of enhanced security. Despite this, Sportsbet works perfectly well in other browsers.

The sports and betting section provide the entire day betting markets in an easy and friendly design. The section also has all the relevant information, free form guide, and enthralling tips that will make you punt like a pro. Users can also access the next 3 days marketing bets which is great for people who are decided about their teams and want to make an early bet. For those who want super 6 or doubles, the website has a quick access menu that allows you to pull the bets and hit your selection.

To make betting even simpler and more enjoyable, all key sports are offered in a unique sliding menu so that you can access all the markets easily. Sportsbet ensures that every punter has all that is required for a punter to place a bet on the sport of choice or racing on a 24/7. They want to ensure that everything is packaged well to guarantee users extra value and thrill for their money.

Sportsbet Special odds

Sportsbet’s odds are carefully thought of to make the bookmaker more competitive. In total, Sportsbet has five main odds.

  • Fixed odds: These odds are paid according to the quote at the time of a bet. Once you make a bet, you only have to sit back and wait for the final results to enjoy the game waiting for the outcome.
  • City Best Plus: When you place bets on City Best Plus option, the win gets the best-declared dividend from Starting Price/ Australian Tab. City Best Plus is only for bets made online and for races scheduled in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Melbourne.
  • Starting price is made by the highest on course bookmaker at the end of betting before the jump.
  • Top Fluc: This is paid depending on the highest bookmaker’s odd per runner. It is only available for bets made in line with Victoria and New South Wales TABs.

Major advantages of joining Sportsbet

When you join Sportsbet, there are a lot of offers including sports both in Australia and foreign soils such as racing in Hong Kong, England, South Africa, and New Zealand. You can also bet on other sports both in Australia and away.

Wagers especially those playing online can get a lot of information about specific upcoming sports. Sportsbet even sends notification through SMS or email about the upcoming races so that wagers can select their favourites. You can even get historical information about respective sports and players to make the right selection.

Sportsbet provides regular promotions that raise the chances of winning. To take advantage of these promotions, you have to keep checking Sportsbet website as regularly as possible. For example, you can go with the popular offers such as Spring Tipping Competitions, Lucky loser, and free money back specials.

To give wagers a better opportunity to make even more cash, Sportsbet allows players to conduct in-play betting. This is a great method to optimize winnings or reduce losses. Once the picture of the game comes out clearly, you can trade in your bet to raise your dividend especially if the team is doing well. In addition to these promotions, Sportsbet has a welcome bonus of $501 bet for all new members.


Sportsbet has come out as a giant to reckon with in Australia because of its unique products features, and ease of use. Besides, their commitment to progressively upgrade the betting platform has made players feel more enthralled because they are sure of larger sports market, wins, promotions, and enthralling wagering experience.